27 mai 2006

Ce n'est qu'un au revoir....

So...a lot of people have already leaved Coleraine and in the following days, it will be our turn :( It is a strange feeling to go away from Northern Ireland and I didn't believe that it would have been so difficult and so sad to say goodbye. We discovered so many things and interesting people. And it is more difficult to leave after such parties as last friday!!!;) But we have a lot of good memories and I think everybody will agree to say that it was an unforgettable (?) experience! It has lasted enough time but in a sense, it was too short ant time has gone too fast.

I was very happy for having shared so good moments with you and I will miss people and the good atmosphere!Take care and keep in touch!!

Sophie :( (Now, let's go to Dublin, Belfast and Oxford for new adventures!)

ps : we won't miss our flatmates with who we "shared" the worst goodbye that I have never known but one of the funniest as well!!!lol

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