28 mai 2006


   It has been sad days that the last ones and it is lasting since we said goodbye to Sophie today and Marion will follow within few days. It has been such a great experience, and brought so much to each of us. I won't forget my few months here in Coleraine, our visits of places so amazing as the Giant's Causeway, the parties (yes Sophie in particular the last one), the classes with our teachers so closed to their students (I speak for myself). And of course the people thanks whom I changed my behaviour and my mind a little (I admit a lot of work still has to be done).

   I really hope to keep in touch with all the wonderful international students who made my stay here so unexpected but so exceptional and positive (especially the 3 so friendly Germans and the nice Irish girl ;-) 
   A special thanks for the my two mates from Caen, thanks for your support and your patience!

   Hope to enjoy another marshmallow-hot-chocolate with you, here or somewhere else, we are now used to take the plane so nowhere is too far!

Take care

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  • Salut de Berlin !

    "Mes" chères francaises,

    je suis bien arrivée à Berlin & c'est bien d#être retournée, même si je voudrais bien avoir la plage de Portrush ici et mes amis d'Erasmus ! Je vous souhais all the best pour votre stages, particulièrement toi Sophie, et bientôt je vais vous envoyer des e-mails je promets )

    grand bisous from Berlin, imagine the weather in Northern Ireland was better these last days than it's here! But for me, of course, le soleil brille maintenant )


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